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I have had the privilege of serving the LGBTQ+ community for many years with counseling and psychotherapy for indivduals and couples. I worked for several years in San Francisco where I had the opportunity to work in the gay community with individuals and couples. Although this is an exciting time for LGBTQ+ rights, more and more couples and families are coming for help with their blended families and the stressors of everyday family life.

Supportive psychotherapy for those who are in the process of gender change can be very helpful. It is an exciting time that is fraught with social, emotional, and psychological adjustments for both you and your loved ones.

Important Note: I am strongly against any “therapy” that seeks to change a person’s sexual orientation or in any way pathologizes homosexual, bisexual, asexual, or transsexual behavior or orientation. Therapy with the goal of changing one’s orientation can be very harmful and fortunately in some states is now illegal.The goal of therapy is to help you BE who you are-not change it.

I fully support gender reassignment and psychotherapy.

Please contact me to discuss how I may best be of assistance to you and your loved ones.

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