Family Conflict
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Family Conflict

Family conflict and disharmony often is the result of years of behavioral and communication patterns family members have with each other. What was once functional, is now dysfunctional. Communication issues are common as are problems with in-laws and the extended family. We cannot change other people, but we can change our own behavior and how we respond to them. Family conflict and disharmony is often more difficult around holidays and family gatherings when the the potential for conflict is high. Learning new ways to interact and how to break free of old dysfunctional patterns is a goal of treatment.

Grudges and unresolved arguments can create negative and unhealthy dynamics -often over decades.

Blended families (married partners with children from other relationships) have unique challenges with how to parent, how to get along, and how to communicate.

Family therapy can be conducted with as few as two family members present. Please call to discuss how I would work with you and your family on resolving those issues that are causing conflict and disharmony.

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