Developmental Disabilities
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Developmental Disabilities

I provide supportive counseling for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities & Special Needs and their Families. I grew up with a much loved sister with DD and understand the challenges individuals and their families face.  I provide Office and Home based services.

I will be happy to provide a free phone consultation on how I may best serve you and your family or family member.


Young Adults with DD

Young adults with special needs and developmental disabilities (Down’s Syndrome, Neurological Impairments, and other disabilities), often have had the benefit of home and school-based interventions, wrap-around services, and much social support from friends and family. The transition to adulthood for a young adult with disabilities is often complicated by the challenges of finding appropriate services at this stage in life. Programs and services for those who are 18 and older are not nearly as widespread as for children with developmental disabilities. Parents will often comment “what am I going to do with him/her now that s/he is 18?”


Self Esteem and Confidence

Self-esteem issues often become an issue for individuals who have an understanding of their challenges but still yearn to do what they see their siblings and peers doing: going to college, driving a car, having a girlfriend, having children, being independent -from their parents and family. They experience shame, embarrassment, and lower self-esteem.


Person Centered Approach

Using a Person Centered Approach means that I focus on the feelings, emotions, and dreams of the individual person. When an individual becomes aware of their challenges and limitations, they often lose sight of their strengths and personal power. Using a Person Centered, positive approach involves a focus on their strengths, positive, yet realistic goal-setting, encouragement, and coaching with the goal of  instilling confidence in the patient.


Family-based Approach

Individuals with special needs and developmental disabilities often require a great deal of supervision and resources from their families. Issues ranging from the daily grind of getting out of bed at a reasonable hour, attending to basics such as showering and brushing their teeth, and participating in the daily responsibilities of the household are addressed in therapy. One of the goals of therapy is to help the family establish structure in the daily life of the patient. Working with the patient and the family we set treatment goals and work through resistance. Young adults with disabilities are no different from their non-disabled peers-they like to stay up late, eat junk food, sleep in as late as they can get away with, and forget their chores.


Enthusiastic, Positive and Collaborative Therapy

My approach to working with you and your family member is collaborative, positive, and enthusiastic. I work hard to motivate the individual while elevating self-esteem, improving self-confidence, and encouraging self-growth. Working together we can build upon the individual’s strengths while striving to improve their daily life in the most practical ways.


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