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Depression and depressed moods are experienced by everyone at some point in life. Sometimes there are events, relationships, or circumstances that cause one to feel depressed. Other times it seems hard to find a reason. To people on the outside, your life appears fine-your life is “great” yet you just feel tired, down, and can’t motivate yourself to do anything. If you are depressed you may find you are wanting to sleep more, eat more, and lack interest in participating in things you normally enjoy.

Depression can vary from an occasional blue day to days, weeks, and longer of feeling sad, unfocused, and unmotivated. People often come to therapy when they feel the depression is interfering too much with their lives and they just want to feel happy again.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (also known as SAD) is another common form of depression that is highly treatable.

I use a comprehensive and collaborative approach in treating depression that is tailored to the unique needs of each person. Please feel free to give me a call or send an email to discuss how I may be of assistance to you.

You can feel better and the sooner you start therapy, the sooner you will feel some relief.

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