Adults & Couples
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Adults & Couples

I work with adults who suffer from a wide range of disorders and problems. On the Welcome page of this website, I list many of the problems I frequently treat. I myself recovered from anxiety attacks, panic disorder, and agoraphobia. At one point, I was unable to leave the house, unable to drive, fly, cross bridges, take elevators or escalators, go in malls, or stores. I now enjoy an active life and remind everyone that if I can get better so can you.

Counseling and psychotherapy with women and men in abusive relationships is something I also do. Years ago, I survived and left a physically and emotionally abusive relationship–so I know first hand what that is about as well as how to work with individuals in those circumstances.

I encourage you to phone me to discuss your situation and hear about how I will work with you to heal, resolve challenges, and move forward in a positive direction. I incorporate stress management and mindfulness techniques where applicable, and will work with your doctor, chiropractor, psychiatrist or other treatment provider to ensure you receive the best possible care.


I work with Heterosexual and Gay & Lesbian couples on conflict resolution, trust and communication issues, infidelity, emotional affairs, parenting and other relationship issues. I also provide premarital counseling.

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