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 Professional coaching can help you: Get Inspired, Get Motivated, Stay on Track. Succeed. I am positive and pragmatic, realistic and motivating. I will work hard with you on developing effective strategies, setting goals, and sorting out options.

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How Coaching can be helpful to you

Life Coaching: Focuses on clarifying and defining where you are in your life and where you wish to be—in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years. Clarifying goals and creating action plans with the individual steps needed to attain those goals.

Recovery and Sobriety Coaching: Recovery Coaching or Sobriety Coaching, as it is also called when pertaining to substance abuse moderation or abstinence, can be a valuable support and helpful intervention during times when you are faced with challenging circumstances.

If you are recovering from a drug or alcohol abuse or  addictions, having access to a professional who can coach you through the cravings or help you make a less self-destructive choice that is in line with your own goals can help you stay on track and avoid relapse.

The road to complete recovery is riddled with potholes. I often say that the road to the top is not a straight shot, but rather a bumpy one. Mistakes are made and little “setbacks” will happen, but you can keep moving forward in a positive direction, never losing sight of your recovery or moderation, and not repeating the same mistakes.

With the help of on-the-spot coaching, you are better equipped to reach your self-defined goals of moderation, sobriety, and long term recovery.

Reassurance and Harm Reduction are the foundations of my approach to Recovery Coaching. Harm Reduction can be a very effective method of reducing the harm and impact an individual has upon his or herself, relationships, family, and community.

Dating:If you are having trouble dating and finding the right person to share your life with, coaching can help you develop successful dating strategies and form lasting relationships with potential mates.

Life Skills and Organization:If you are tired of feeling disorganized, stuck, and unable to figure out what you have to do to change gears and move forward,  Life Skills Coaching can help you get yourself organized and focused on the day to day things that are the building blocks that lead to success and goal attainment.

Time Management:Ever feel like you can’t find enough time to do the things you really want to do? Feel overwhelmed by your schedule or your busy family’s schedule?  Are there items on your “To Do List” that seem to never get done? Do you have multiple lists? The demands of home, family, and career can overwhelm even the most organized and successful people. Coaching can help you develop good time management techniques and reduce the amount of time you waste getting things done.

Career and Educational Coaching:If you are in the midst of a career change, are seeking a new job, or are in school working on an educational goal, coaching can help you determine what  your best options are, set reasonable, attainable goals, and plan the steps you need to take to achieve those goals. Please note that I do not provide vocational or aptitude testing.

Coaching vs. Psychotherapy: Two Different Paths

Please note that coaching does not take the place of psychotherapy. Coaching and psychotherapy differ in many important ways. Therapy with a licensed professional involves the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders and illness through a process of psychological healing involving emotional growth and cognitive-behavioral change. Coaching is entirely based upon your present and future behaviors and goals. There are no diagnoses, treatments, or other psychological interventions provided. Although I am a licensed psychologist, if I am working with you in the role of Coach, I will not provide you with psychotherapy services. It is important to be clear about what our roles are, what our work together is and what it is not. If I think you will benefit from psychotherapy, I will refer you to a licensed professional.



My Coaching Services are available, by appointment, via text, phone, and video, seven days a week, daytime and evening. To make an appointment, click the blue “Book Now” button  Brief and longer appointments are available. Be sure to print out and sign the Coaching Agreement form below and then fax or email it to me before your first Coaching appointment.

I look forward to talking with you and being of assistance!

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