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Winter Happiness is Hygee!


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How do you get through the cold, dark Winter days and nights? For some, this is quite a challenge. I have often wondered how people in Scandinavian countries get through their dark Winters. In fact, according to a recent article in the New York Times, people in Denmark rank third as happiest in the world -and the United States is 13th. What are they doing in Denmark?


It seems they even have a word for what they are doing-it's called Hygee-and is pronounced "HOO-gah" or "Hue-gah". Hygee refers to the Danish lifestyle of living that roughly means " to make things cozy."


Indoor activities such as watching a fire, knitting, making coffee, candlelight, and enjoying the company of good friends are all part of this lifestyle. In other words, focusing on the simple creature comforts of home. Although lacking it's serene austerity, Hygee reminds me a bit of Japanese Zen. It is a form of mindful appreciation. 


Hygee is apparently all the rage in Great Britain. I hope it has a similar positive effect here in the United States. So if you find yourself longing for warmer weather and the longer days of Summer, light some candles,  make a cup of some good tea or coffee, put on some comfortable, warm socks and invite a few good friends over. Studies show that socializing is linked to emotional well being. Let's learn from the Danish and practice Hygee!


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Start the New Year off right and invest in some self-care.


Here is the New York Times article:


And another good article from the New Yorker:



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