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Eating Disorders and Symbols of Recovery in Jewelry




I was perusing the National Eating Disorder Association's (NEDA) website and in their online shop I came across  a beautiful silver necklace with a tiny symbolic emblem on it.  Knowing the healing power of image and symbols, I was immediately interested in this jewelry.


Wearing symbolic jewelry helps to remind us of what we have accomplished or what we are working towards. Necklaces and bracelets bearing positive imagery and inspirational words can be very helpful when you are having a hard time and offer reminders of accomplishments and goals. I particularly like symbols and images that represent hope on jewelry. They are like Talisman-imbued with meaning.


NEDA sells jewelry with ED recovery symbols as do many artisan jewelry makers on Etsy. See also for some beautiful symbolic bracelets.


NEDA's online shop:











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