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Do You Think You Might Have an Eating Disorder?


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The National Eating Disorders Association has a nice little online screener that you can take to help you gauge where you are at. It's free and you can take it in under 2 minutes (I did).


If you think or you have been told by concerned friends and family that you might have an ED or a problem with food, eating, and body image, take the quiz. What is there is lose? If you have an ED you could be saving your own life by identifying it, getting treatment, and finally not having to worry and obsess about every little thing you eat (or don't eat), how many calories you burned, purging (if you do), or how fat you feel. Treatment won't get you fat or take away your control; an ED will though. And of all the mental disorders, Eating Disorders are the most deadly -yes, that's right, more people die from EDs than from depression. So please, take a few moments to take the screener and if you need help GET IT.  I know about the fear-I had it too, but the fear and burden of having to keep doing what I was doing was wearing me out. You end up with having no life, but plenty of stress and worry about food, exercise, and body image. Give me a call or send me an email to discuss how I might help you free yourself from the ED and live a healthy and happier life. If I recovered, so can you.


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The free online screener can be found here:





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