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Anger Management Training


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Often I receive calls from either individuals looking for anger management classes or a court law clerk requesting information on behalf of a judge. I thought it might be helpful to provide an informational synopsis of how I do anger management. I do a great deal of anger management training for people who are either ordered by the Court or self-referred because they want to feel better about how they manage their emotions. Here is the summary. 

Court Mandated Anger Management Training

Anger management training will consist of:
-An assessment of your anger as well as your strengths, and a psychological assessment that may include a quantitative anger measure
-Regular session attendance
-Therapeutic interventions include: Cognitive Behavioral Theray (CBT) , Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) , Glasser's Control Theory, and - Narrative Therapy.

The number of sessions will be determined by:
1. If court ordered, minimally, what the court requires 
2. Your progress in treatment
3. The average course of anger management is 6-12 sessions. Cancelled sessions do not count and if they are not cancelled with 24 hours notice, you will be responsible for the session fee. No exceptions.
4. Dr. Rollings works in full compliance with the Court and the Judge's orders. Anger Management Training is provided one on one, not in groups, and not in anger management classes.

Your initial session will include:
-Assessment of your anger as well as of your strengths 
-Assessment of any co-existing alcohol or drug issues 
-Assessment of the role alcohol or drugs have played in the incident 

In Anger Management Training, you will learn to:
-Accept responsibility for your behavior no matter what anyone else has done 
-Understand what underlies your anger
-Become aware of what triggers your anger 
-Become aware of the negative patterns you are in with others 
-Adopt more functional patterns of behavior, thought, and speech
-Understand the difference between being assertive and acting angry
-Use practical and effective techniques to resolve conflict
-Learn the difference between reacting and responding and how to become less reactive
-Use Mindfulness meditation and Relaxation techniques 
-Learn to use personal time outs effectively 
-Commit to change what you can change and accept that you cannot control others 
-Choose to be in control of my behavior and thoughts in any given situation no matter how provocative 
-Increase self-control and self-awareness.
-Gain awareness of the story you are telling yourself about any given situation and how it affects what you think, how you feel, and what you do (your behavior)
-Where applicable, become aware of the impact and effects our alcohol and/or substance use have upon your behavior, relationships, and life.

In Summary, you will learn effective coping strategies and techniques that you will find helpful in dealing with all types of situations and with all kinds of people. 

All fees are paid at the time of each session. No exceptions.

For further information, please feel free to call or email me. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 908-500-7295
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