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Robin Williams and Suicide

The death by suicide of comedian Robin Williams has stunned and shocked his fans. It is tragic and sad.

How can this happen, that someone who apparently had so much to live for could kill himself? Material success does not provide emotional well-being.

While I don't know the specifics of Robin Williams' life and suicide, his media representative stated that he was severely depressed and had been in rehab for drug treatment.
What I do know is that depression is isolating-it creates a tunnel vision whereby you cannot see your options. Things look and feel bleak. Add drugs to the mix and then you have an even deeper hole to climb out of. My goal is to show a person their options-suicide is one option, but there are so many others. When you are worn down by a long term depression and tired of struggling it may seem like a good option, but it's not.
If you are thinking of committing suicide or are having thoughts of harming yourself -Wait. Don't act upon them. Pick up the phone and call someone-talk to a live person. If no one you know is available, then call the suicide prevention lifeline/hotline:
1-800-273-8255. (24/7)
You can also go to their website and chat with someone from 2pm to 2am.
Call 911-they will send someone that will take you to a hospital and safe place.

I have worked with many people who have thought of suicide and some who have attempted it. What they have told me is that they are glad they did not carry it out or glad that they did not succeed. With professional help, they have managed to find peace and meaning in their lives, forgive themselves, forgive others, become free of substance abuse, and love and respect themselves.
In the depths of despair you may feel very alone and unable to see what your other options are. There is hope and you can feel better. There are people who care and will help you find your way out of the dark hole of depression. Suicide is not the answer.

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