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Read to Your Children (please)

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that parents regularly read to their children from infancy onwards. The value of reading to children from birth is tremendous. Reading to children at a young age provides many benefits and is thought to have profound and lasting effects upon their cognitive development and later academic success.
Children's books are available on a wide range of topics-from the fun and light hearted, to the vocabulary building, educational, and therapeutic. Aside from the obvious benefits of reading to them are the equally important of bonding, sharing quiet time together, and role modeling reading behavior to them.
To find good books to read with your child, check with the children's section librarian of the local library, as well as online blogs and reviews. The New York Times has a weekly section of children's book reviews and best sellers that is worth looking at. Also, your child's school teacher may have some valuable suggestions.

See the NY Times article on the Academy's recommendation here:

Other online sources:

The New York Public Library has a list of the top 100 children's books of all time:

The International Reading Associations provides annual lists of Children and Teacher's favorites:

The National School Psychologists Association has a list of recommended books for children dealing with grief, loss, and trauma:

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