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Mental Spring Cleaning

Spring is here and with its onset our attention shifts from indoor activities to outdoor fun. Websites and experts admonish us to clean out our closets, clean up our yards, and open our windows for fresh air. It's time for Spring Cleaning.
While there are undeniable emotional and psychological benefits to Spring Cleaning, it is very helpful to take things a step further and declutter and simplify our mental states.
Clearing out emotional debris is liberating. Freeing oneself of unnecessary worries, long held grudges, and negative thinking can lead to a lighter, more peaceful and enjoyable Summer.

Are you still angry with a friend or relative over a slight or misunderstanding that occurred during the Holidays? Are you in the midst of an emotional drama that has gone on too long? It's time to let that go. Anger is like rust on metal-the longer you have it, the more corrosive it is to oneself. Drama belongs on the stage and in movies, not in your home.

Have you been excessively worried about something you cannot control or change?
Regretting something from your past?

Worrying about the future and regretting the past ruin the present moment.
Spring is finally here and you have a choice: Either continue holding on to and accumulating more emotional debris or take steps now to change that. Mental Spring Cleaning will enable you to free yourself of these old habits and better enjoy a happier and peace-filled Summer.

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