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Dream Interpretation and Analysis

Ever remember your dreams? Have you had the same dream over and over? Have you ever dreamt of falling, of not being able to use your voice, of feeling trapped, chased, lost? Do you have dreams you think are important but are not sure what they mean? Do deceased loved ones appear in your dreams? Dream dictionaries are interesting but not very helpful and most are way too general to really help you understand what your dreams mean.

For centuries, humans have studied dreams. Dream analysis was made famous by Freud in 1900 with publication of his landmark book "The Interpretation of Dreams." His contemporary, Carl Jung, and many others, did much to broaden and deepen our understanding and ability to interpret our dreams.

I recommend keeping a Dream Log. Place a notepad and pen next to your bed. Once you wake up and remember some dreams, write them down immediately-before they are forgotten. With some professional guidance, you can learn about what your dreams mean and how they may be helpful to you in your daily life. Dream interpretation helps one gain insight to oneself. And, it's fun!

Dream Interpretation and Analysis are valuable therapeutic tools I use in therapy. I generally use Jungian and Freudian techniques. Please feel free to contact me to learn more about how I may be of assistance to you.

I am a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

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