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Save Your Marriage With A Vacation?

Some therapists recommend couples in troubled marriages make a last ditch effort to save the marriage by taking a vacation together.

Generally, I don't recommend this as I see it as a way to have an expensive breakup in a beautiful place. But really, It all depends upon the couple. If we (the couple and myself) agree it might be worth the chance and the negative fallout would be minimal if it doesn't go well (by that I mean there won't be horrible fighting during the trip and the trip itself won't be a financial burden), then I say why not give it a try.

I have had many first time calls for appointments from couples on vacation together. That I do recommend. Often things come to a head on vacation and the pressure and apprehension of time together can be relieved knowing that things will be sorted out in counseling.

Here is a link to the New York Times article:

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