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College Students, Anxiety, & Depression

About this time of year, I begin receiving phone calls from college students who are either freshmen entering college for their first semester away from home, or upper classmen, who are struggling with anxiety and/or depressed moods over having to return to college. Eating disorders are also prevalent and often the pressures of going to college where there are overwhelming food choices and none of the comforts of home creates a great deal of anxiety for the student. Often, a concerned Mom will make the initial call to me for assistance.

Because time is of the essence, typically, we try to get in as many sessions as are needed and are possible before the student leaves for school. Then I either coordinate with a therapist at the college counseling center or continue treatment with the student myself whenever they have the opportunity to be home. Phone sessions are also possible for those who are a long distance away.

The adjustment to college and pressures experienced by college students today lead many to seek counseling and psychotherapy. Treatment is highly effective and concerned parents should waste no time in talking with their sons and daughters about options for therapy.

Please contact me for further information regarding therapy options for a college student.

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