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Weight Loss Issues

As one who weighed over 200 pounds herself, I understand the ups and downs of dieting, weight loss, and the daily challenges of being overweight. In our society and in our families, food is not just food–it is a way of belonging, of comfort, and fun. Recreational eating (excessive unhealthy snacking) is a wide spread problem.
In therapy, one learns that food is neither my friend or my enemy–and that with some positive lifestyle changes, dieting is no longer necessary. The increased self-esteem and health benefits of finally shedding the excess weight and keeping it off are tremendous.
I do not advocate diets or deprivation-and there are not always deep seated reasons why one overeats that need to be uncovered in therapy. No matter what the causes are, we still need to make some healthy changes. I will work with you to create a practical new lifestyle that incorporates healthy eating and reasonable movement and/or exercise. It is a thoroughly individualized approach that has as its goal long term stability. No more yo yo dieting. It is hard on you and on your body.
Please contact me to discuss how we can work together to ensure long term success.

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