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Marriage & Relationship Problems

I provide couples and marriage counseling for a wide range of relationship issues.
Communication problems, parenting issues (where parents do not agree on how to parent), intimacy issues, lack of connection, trust issues, and infidelity–including emotional affairs.

Even in the best relationships, patterns that were once functional and helpful may become dysfunctional and disruptive. Identifying what those patterns are and how to change them can help a couple break out of a negative and unproductive cycle. These patterns are often road blocks to improved intimacy, communications and happiness together.

Even in the most difficult circumstances, in therapy, couples often find ways to move past bad times and either stay together in a stronger relationship/marriage or separate/divorce in a less contentious manner.

Occasionally couples come to marriage counseling with the goal of separating.
Whether the intention is to stay together or separate, our goal in therapy is for either a harmonious marriage or a harmonious divorce. Ugly divorces cause more pain and suffering to everyone.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss how I may be of assistance with the relationship issues that have caused you to seek professional help.

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