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Top 5 Mobile Apps to Help With Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Use these in conjunction with regular psychotherapy and you will absolutely feel better:

1. Don"t Panic by Scottish hypnotherapist Andrew Johnson. Very helpful hypnosis app. (about $3)

2. Breathe2Relax. Great biofeedback-type app to learn how to breathe naturally and effectively to reduce anxiety (Free).

3. T2 Mood Tracker. Nice app to help you become aware of
Anxiety levels (as well as other mood states) and note events or triggers to identify patterns. Simple yet useful. (Free)

4.Mindfulness Meditation. Mindfulness meditation helps to root out the causes of anxiety and panic and is a great way to learn to calm down. This app was developed by a respected Buddhist psychotherapist ($1.99)

5. Naturespace. A collection of relaxing nature sounds that are soothing and help cultivate a calm and peace-filled environment. (Free, with options to buy more tracks)

As of this writing, all are available for both iPhone and Android phones

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